Market Implementation Specialties

New Business Development - Are you dedicating enough effort to new business development? GHA does research with regard to product or market feasibility in relation to product introduction, product and market positioning. This includes analysis to support acquisitions or partnerships and new ventures
E-Commerce and Your Company Is it for you? Will it help you serve your customer better? Can you use it to expand your customer base? What are the trends? 
Commercial Assessment of New Technology - Early market feedback is critical before launching a new product or technology. GHA has saved clients R&D costs and improved their time to market. 
Market Research/Market Planning Before investing critical resources on a technology or new product concept it is imperative to determine customer needs and potential size of the market. GHA through its network of industry experts will deliver accurate and up to the minute estimates of market conditions.
Customer Perception/Satisfaction Surveys G.H. Associates will survey your customers to determine how you are perceived in the marketplace. Are you focusing on their needs? Are you aware of and addressing their changing needs? How are you perceived in comparison with your competition, in areas of quality, customer service, price, literature, tech support, etc.?
Competitive Analysis - Who is your competition? How are they positioned? How can you differentiate your company from your competition? Are there new trends in your industry that could be a threat to your core products or services or an opportunity for new products or services? GHA will help you answer these important questions.
Focus Groups Industry input provides valuable insight into potential commercially attractive pursuits. GHA will assemble appropriate industry experts to gather insights for its clients.    
Market Positioning /Channel Analysis How you approach the market is often as important as your product concept. GHA will assist you in identifying the best channels and partners to bring your products and or services to their fullest potential.  
Technical/Application Literature Development Early stage technology or product introduction requires educating the customer to the benefits of your product or services. GHA assists its clients in the development of technical and application oriented presentations and literature.

 Lead Identification/ Qualification & Development -  To keep business growing you need good leads and a disciplined program to develop those leads into sales. GHA will design and implement a program to identify and/or qualify sound leads for your product on an on-going basis. This service can be extended to include mailings, tracking leads, walking trade shows, and sending sample materials and/or follow-up to sampling or ad response.



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